Council Events

The Las Vegas chapter is part of the Wild West Regional Council of IMA. The Council was founded in 1969 and provides volunteer leadership support on a regional basis. The Council serves the professional and student chapters in Arizona, southern California, southern Nevada and Utah. The Wild West Council’s mission is to provide leadership support, guidance, educational and networking opportunities and is accomplished through chapter board leadership training, continuing education programming to supplement chapter activities and regional participation in IMA’s Annual Conference. 

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The Wild West Council’s professional chapters include:

AZ Valley of the Sun (Arizona)                     Tucson (Arizona)                               Bakersfield (California)
Greater San Gabriel Valley (California)           Inland Empire (California)                   Los Angeles Metro (California)
Orange County (California)                          San Diego (California)                        San Diego North County (California)
Santa Barbara (California)                            South Bay (California)                        Las Vegas (Nevada)
Salt Lake City (Utah)